Where exactly should you travel Best in Bangladesh?

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Where exactly should you travel Best in Bangladesh?

If you want to visit Bangladesh, you should first come to Sylhet from Dhaka, because Sylhet is one of the most advanced cities, very beautiful and pleasant and you will feel that you are safe and relaxed, you can move around and you will be treated well by everyone. You can and there are different places in Sylhet like Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar and other places like Srimangal Biyanibazar Jaflong, Bichnakandi, Sada Pattar and many places Hakaluki and other places you can visit, and Sylhet is the most popular tea country Sylhet and Sylhet is called Second London and Sylhet people are very proud and no matter who you are as a guest you all are very loved and respected by Sylhet and Sylhet language is very beautiful and used in different parts of the country, the village area in Sylhet is very beautiful to see.

If you want to travel in Bangladesh, Sylhet is a very nice place. You can have a fire there because when your cousin comes you will think that I am safe and your mind will be good and you can focus on anything and you are in different places. There are many beautiful places you can visit there you will first come from Sylhet airport you will see the tea garden you will find it very beautiful and there are many other beautiful places

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